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This morning, thousands of cardiac patients across the USA sent bio-metric data directly to their physician, by simply placing their arm in a blood pressure cuff and standing on their weight scale.

For over a decade, Astute Data Guardian™ has been the engine behind some of healthcare’s best remote patient monitoring systems, supporting HIPAA compliance, processing millions of patient readings, with superior date security and uptime reliability.

If you’re seeking proven solutions to remotely monitor patients, and cloud connect your medical devices and diagnostic equipment to the IoT services powering healthcare, you should know Astute Guardian™. 

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Astute Data Guardian™ Cloud Services:

The healthcare industries most secure method to rapidly integrate remote patient data to legacy EMR applications.


100% designed, developed and deployed in the USA. 


Pre-integrated components and tools reduce lengthy development schedules and cost.


Integration tasks typically completed by mid-level developer in 3-5 days.


  • Supports HIPAA compliance

  • API tool kit with pre-written code available on GITHUB

  • Easy integration with legacy EMR applications

  • Data parsed to easy to consume JSON object

  • Pre-integrated with best-in-class medical sensors, hubs and tablets

  • Data encrypted at rest in client dedicated repository

  • Long term data storage options available

  • Data accessible via API with Webhooks server integration, Astute Data Guardian Web Services, and Microsoft Power BI

Compatible Astute Hubs
Astute CTR-01™ LTE CAT M Hub

Astute CTR-01™ LTE CAT M1 hub features plug-and-play installation, cellular connectivity in over 40+ countries, secure data transfer to the cloud, and supports many popular clinical grade medical sensors, including blood pressure meters, glucometers, medication adherence monitors, pulse oximeters, weight scales and more.


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Brochures and Videos
What if your heart attack could be prevented? | Freethink

What if your heart attack could be prevented? | Freethink

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