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Our Commitment to Security of Your Data

We know how important properly securing data is to our client's enterprise and we have taken these unique steps to build a secure data platform that protects your assets.

•Astute Guardian services are  built on Microsoft Azure, providing a secure foundation across physical, infrastructure, and operational security. Microsoft invests over a billion dollars every year into security, including the security of the Azure platform, so that your data and business assets can be protected.​

•Astute never co-mingles data. Client data is always secure in a dedicated client repository and encrypted at rest.

•Astute never accesses, data mines or resells client data without their express authorization.

•Astute recognizes that client data is exclusively the client’s IP. Our contracts do not contain claims of ownership when client data is stored in Astute Guardian + Astute Sentry repositories.

•All Astute software developers are employees of Astute, Inc. and located here in the USA. No outside developers have access to our Azure accounts, Client data repositories, or your companies data.

If you're using cloud data services from another provider, ask them directly if they can they make these assurances.

Our Commitment to Secure Hardware Architecture

We know the security of your deployed hardware is mission critical and the origin of components can significantly impact compliance with regulations, especially when it comes to government contracts. 

Too often clients believe specifying components from a specific vendor headquartered in the EU, Nordic or North America, means their products will meet regulatory compliance, but most component suppliers may actually design, manufacture and/or package their products in non-TAA compliant countries.


We have taken these unique steps to design and build secure IoT products that protect your assets.

•All Astute products are exclusively designed and manufactured in the USA.

•All Astute products are exclusively designed and manufactured utilizing only LTE, 5G and Low Power radio components that meet current and proposed security requirements, as specified by the US Congress and US Regulatory statutes.

•Astute extensively researches its supply chain, and exclusively sources radio components from vendors who can confirm in writing the exact country of origin for their products and that they comply with TAA requirements.

If you're buying radio enabled hardware from another provider, ask them directly if they can make these assurances.

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