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Astute IoT Services

Whether you're in early stage planning in need of advice, mid-project facing headwinds, or looking for a reliable partner to build and manage a turn-key deployment, we're here to help.


Not sure where to start? Call us for a consultation. Our deep, real world experience means we can help you pressure test concepts, avoid pitfalls and accelerate your planning process.


Already mid-project and not sure how to deal with the speed bumps? In addition to consulting, Astute provides hardware and software components to fill in the gaps.

Searching for a trusted partner to deliver a full turn-key solution? Our hardware and end-to-end, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model ensures that your IoT deployments will be easy, quick, reliable, and secure—all at a fraction of the effort and cost of developing a home grown solution.

No matter where you are in the process, we can provide everything you need from our plug-and-play hardware for connecting IoT devices, to wireless M2M and 5G transport services, and Azure or AWS cloud-based management for convenient and secure management of your devices, network, and data.


FACT: Majority of IoT deployments will fail

Industry estimates indicate 75% of new IoT projects fail to launch or reach full orbital integrity. This is because most companies seriously underestimate the scope of the work ahead including complications using wireless technology, and fail to budget adequate financial and human resources.


There is a critical shortage of good developers with real-world experience deploying thousands of wireless IoT devices in the field and connecting them successfully to a remote data center or cloud service. Also, staff receiving and using IoT data may have little or no technical expertise, so providing them with user-friendly management interfaces presents another difficult challenge.


Despite the many factors that can block success, your project does not have to end this way. Astute provides all the tools, expertise, and dogged persistence to ensure your IoT project actually SUCCEEDS AS PLANNED. This is our promise. And our guarantee.


End-to-end coverage

Astute offers an à la carte IoT menu from components to your entire IoT environment. The Astute hub connects to your IoT devices, integrating APIs and wireless interfaces. Whether you use the wireless provider of your choice or one we provide for you, it will be easy to use the Astute cloud services to manage device activation and network features, as well as the data collected or generated by your IoT devices. Our services will work with your cloud and application APIs for complete access and control.

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What's included...

IoT Consulting Services

Not sure where to start, or already have your own resources but want to leverage our expertise and solid success rate,  we can provide a full range of consulting services and recommendations to help  you complete your project on time and within budget.

Services Include:

  • Product planning 

  • Design review 

  • Component selection

  • Assistance with contracting 3rd party developers & assemblers

  • Assistance with contracting M2M, 4G/5G wireless services

  • Regulatory testing

  • Product testing 

  • Manufacturing oversight

  • Development of cloud services 

Need a Full-Service Solution?

Our turnkey full-service IoT offering includes all the additional hardware components, wireless connectivity and data transport, cloud-based management, broad technical expertise, and the ongoing support you need to execute a large-scale deployment of your IoT devices and applications. Compared to developing a home-grown system or integrating third-party components, your fully customized Astute service minimizes up-front development investments and is typically much more cost effective and less resource-intensive to maintain over time. 

All the data belongs to you

Unlike some other cloud services, we consider your IoT data to be your business and your business alone. Our visibility into your data will be on a need-to-know basis for support purposes only. As such, we will never collect your data for ourselves, co-mingle it with other systems, or share it with anyone else. 

Astute cloud services support HIPAA and GDPR compliance and comply with all country-specific policies and regulations. Astute hardware is developed and manufactured in the USA, supporting TAA compliance.

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