Astute Med Guardian
services for managing medications and controlled substances

Astute Med Guardian™ provides secure, real time reporting on consumption of complex medication regimes, high value prescriptions, controlled substances and insures delivery of the right dose at the right time.


Astute Med Guardian is ideal for managing medication in drug trials, clinical rehab and guards against accidental overdoses.

Medications delivered to patients in patented, low cost SafetyPackRx™ disposable trays:

  • Eliminates expensive dispensing equipment 

  • Nothing to sort

  • Nothing to clean

SafetyPackRx disposable trays accommodate pills, liquids, syringes, rescue inhalers, emergency injectors and more.

Astute Med Guardian :

  • Helps identify abuse of:

    • High value prescriptions

    • Controlled substances

  • Correlates medication consumption with data from:

    • Glucometer

    • Blood Pressure Meter

    • Weight Scale

    • More...

Astute Med Guardian data and alerts securely integrate with existing clinical best practices, software applications and EMR systems.