Astute Guardian Sensor Kits
pre-integrated Astute CTR-01 hub
and best in class sensors 

Cost effective Astute Guardian sensor kits support all Astute Guardian services and plug-and-play installation eliminates the high cost of sending technicians to the home.

All kits include the Astute CTR-01 hub™ featuring:

  • Compact design, with simple LED user interface

  • LTE CAT M1

  • Bluetooth v4.2

  • MQTT/TLS v1.2, 512 bit encryption

  • Over-the-air upgradeability

  • 110-220v universal power supply

  • One year warranty

  • Approvals: FDA Class 1, FCC 15B, UL, PTCRB

Kits ship pre-configured with your choice of sensors:

  • Blood Pressure Meter

  • Glucometer

  • Pulse Oximeter

  • SmartPackRx Medication Trays

  • Weight Scale

  • More...


When delivered to the home, your patient simply plugs the Astute CTR-01 hub into an outlet and engage in their daily routine. Each time they check their blood pressure, stand on the weight scale, etc. data automatically sends to the cloud.

Ease of use helps patients be more compliant with their care regiment, which may help reduce cost of care, readmission penalties and increase reimbursement revenue.