for medical application developers

The right tools and components to quickly add profits to your applications.


Astute Data Guardian™ eliminates long lead times and high ongoing costs related to hardware integration, managing cellular connectivity, supporting HIPAA compliance cloud servers and monitoring deployed devices.


Astute Data Guardian is pre-integrated with best in class sensors, including:

  • Blood pressure meters

  • Glucometers

  • Pulse Oximeters

  • Weight Scales

  • More...


Services are easy to integrate and ready to deploy. Available API documentation includes reference code for establishing server connections, requesting authentication keys,  pulling data and more.


Incoming sensor data is parsed to JSON format and stored in your secure, client dedicated repository. 

Astute is the only provider to insure your data is never re-sold, co-mingled with other clients, or accessed without your express permission.

"Webhooks" notifications keep your services up to date and long term data storage options are available.